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Why charter with East Coast Flight Services?

  • Improve Your Quality of Life - Attend multiple meetings or visit various locations in one day. Enjoy the evening at home, find yourself sitting on the bench during a little league game or in the audience for your child's play or a first recital. Take in the theatre, a game of golf, tennis, or watch your favorite team at bat at the park or simply on television.

  • Increase Productivity - Control your time away from the office or plant. Meet three customers in one day instead of one. Bring a group of customers or outside personnel into your office and send them home at the end of the day.

  • Private charter puts you face to face with your customers or personnel quickly. Get in, make the deal and be home before your competitors can get off the ground!

  • Research indicates that employees feel the working environment of a business jet is 15-20% more effective than the same time spent in the home office.

  • Reduce "Travel hassles"

  • Provides security, confidentiality, safety

East Coast Flight Services
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